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Choose dresses to match your skin tone, eye and hair colour

Women possess unique attributes when it comes to individual looks and styles. By choosing clothes that match your skin tone, eyes and hair colour, you are able to enhance those personal features. Let’s take a look at what it takes to find the right clothes to make you look your best.

Most of us often wear certain clothes more than others. When you take a closer look at your wardrobe, you may notice a similar colour palette appearing. Although women’s skin colours come in many different shades, there are only two undertones: Warm and Cool.

These undertones are what you should look at in determining the right colours that suit you. Turn your hand palm up, and look at the veins on your wrist. If they are blue or purple, then you are a cool tone. If they appear green or have a yellow cast, then you are a warm tone.

Knowing your colour tone, and choosing the right colours for your tone, can dramatically change your entire appearance. The right colours can leave you looking youthful and healthy, whist the wrong colours may leave you looking aged and lusterless.

The colour red is generally used as the basis to identifying your colour. Wearing different reds will help you find the right colour for you.

Warm based reds include scarlet and orange red that have traces of yellow. Warm colour tones look great wearing warm based reds. You can never go wrong buying clothes in the colours of orange, watermelon, coral, yellow, dark leafy green and peacock blues. Mix up your wardrobe with taupe, yellow and rose gold, but steer away from cool blues in your purchases.

Rose Garden Red, Kiara Red and Mozelle Red are all warm based dresses.










Cool based reds are those consistent with fuchsia, cherry and raspberry. Cool based reds incorporate blue tints, like those found in peppermint, evergreen, and powder blue. Cool toned woman look their best wearing royal or navy blue, gray and black. When out shopping, buy colours that remind you of the water and sky. Avoid all yellow hues.

Birds of Paradise, Alicia Iris Long, and Coral Dress all exhibit cool based reds.









As rule of thumb blue eyes will compliment earth tones, taupe, slate, grays, rose, purple/violets, silver and turquoise.

Brown eyes suit greens, gold, blue, pink tones, copper, bronze and champagne.

Green/Hazel eyes should elevate to orange undertones, golds, khaki, mocha/warm browns and plums

Complementary Hair colours for warm skin tones are: Caramel, Red, Strawberry blonde, dark brown and mahogany.

Cool skin tones look best with platinum, ash-blonde, jet black and burgundy Hair colouring.


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