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Four Style Tips To Take Your Work Wardrobe From Drab to Fab

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Tired of the same old suits, boring blouses and dull colours? We hear you!

While the business world is often black and white, your work wardrobe certainly doesn’t have to be! You can add colour, flare and style to your work wear and still look professional. In fact, a little update to your work wardrobe might just give your career the boost you’re looking for.

So, to help you think outside the cubicle, here are four style ideas to help you turn your work wardrobe from drab to fab…

Look for tailored blouses with feminine appeal
Tailored buttoned up blouses (with a little stretch) give a more feminine look, they are also flattering on most body shapes which is an added bonus, so it pays to have a few different colours – including some bright, vibrant colours – in your work wardrobe. Don’t think all of your blouses need to be plain though!

While you will want a couple of plain blouses, also look for some that have feminine elements like pleats, lace, embellished collars, elegant patterns and layered features to add a different look underneath your jackets. Even a nice sheer blouse, worn conservatively of course, can be a nice addition to your work wardrobe and create a soft, yet edgy, feminine look.

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Don’t be afraid to make a statement with your jacket. Think vibrant colours, interesting (yet still work appropriate) patterns, fitted or loose jackets, box or peplum jackets, long or short jackets, whatever your preference, a few different jacket styles and colours can really help you create a unique work look. Block colours like red and deep blue with black pants and a black or white blouse will also attract attention and create a more confident, sharper look.

How creative and different you go with your jackets can vary depending on your profession, but a few different styles and colours can really spice up your work wear. If you are a little more conservative, but still want a different look, focus on different styles of jackets instead of colours, even black and grey jackets can be made more interesting with a different design or material that gives a little more shimmer, sheen or texture.

Add a little flare with your shoes
From bright colours and patterns to high heels and classy flats, your shoes give you the perfect opportunity to bring a little more of your own personality to your work wardrobe. What’s more, they can really help you change the look of those standard work wardrobe staples.

Brighten up your favourite black, charcoal, or grey suit by adding a burst of colour through your shoes, accentuate the colour of your blouse by wearing the same colour shoes, or for a more dramatic and classier look, team a vibrant coloured jacket or blouse with a shiny tan stiletto.

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Add flare to your outfit
with a patterned scarf
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Make a statement with scarves
Scarves, like shoes, are another way to add a little flare to your usual outfits and a little warmth in the cooler months. A few nicely coloured or patterned silk scarves can help give you an elegant, polished look while still breaking up your outfit with a little colour.

Even the one scarf in a different style can add a different look to your outfit. Try the French knot, bow tie or a simple wrap style for a winning work look.

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