Feb 25

The perfect little black dress

In 2012, UK laundry specialists Dr. Beckmann commissioned an online survey of over 2,000 women and found it takes approximately 30 hours to find the perfect Little Black Dress “LBD”.

30 hours! So why do women put themselves through 30 hours of shopping for one dress?

Because we enjoy it?

Because we know the end result is worth the search?

Or because we know the little black dress is an essential item for every woman’s wardrobe and finding the perfect one is like a rite of passage.

The little black dress (LBD)is a well-established fashion icon, originating from the 1920s designs of Coco Chanel and Jean Patou. There is a perfectly good reason why the LBD has its reputation, the neutral colour and typically simple designs allow the LBD to be long-lasting, versatile, flattering and affordable for most women. It is a classic, elegant, and sophisticated dress which is suitable for all body shapes, skin tones and formal occasions.

We’ve saved you 30 hours of searching, because we have 3 beautiful Little Black Dresses, perfect for all body shapes and formal occasions.Rose-Garden-Lace-Long-2-300x533

Sophia-Black-1-300x5331. The beautiful Sophia Dress is made from 100% Silk. This dress features a knee length hem, sleeves and pockets. It can easily be accessorised for many different occasions.

2. The Rose Garden Black and Rose Garden Black Lace dresses are beautiful lace detailed Little Black Dresses. The floor length option is a perfect choice for black tie events or formal weddings. Both the knee and floor length dresses make a sensational bridesmaid outfit. The sophisticated design flatters many body shapes.

3. The Jockey Black dress is the Little Black Dress with a twist. It has a feature neckline and waist band in white, which adds some exRose-Garden-Short-Black-1-300x533tra detail to the usual LBD design. Perfect for cocktail events, race days or day weddings. Jockey-Black-1-300x533

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