Jun 26

Packing smart for a destination wedding

What was once a more common practice for second weddings;modern couples are opting to turn their weddings into an experience by creating a mini-getaway for their guests.

Last year, the Bride to Be magazine ‘Cost of Love Survey’ concluded the average Australian wedding now costs $65,482. With destination weddings said to be no more expensive than a traditional wedding, usually because the guest list is lower, it’s no wonder they are becoming more popular.

So if you’ve been invited to a destination wedding, here are some tips to help you pack smarter:

1.  Pre plan! Choose your wedding outfit well in advance. Select a dress which travels well and requires minimal accessories. Make sure you take into consideration the destination, weather and theme of the wedding.  We have an amazing selection of dresses prefect for a destination wedding, here are just a few and you can view more in our online boutique.


2. Resort wear. You will probably require casual wear for a couple of days. Again, choose an outfit which travels well and can be worn from poolside to dinner so you can reduce the amount of luggage. Here are some beautiful resort wear dresses from Stokes Thompson.


3.       Instead of traveling with a large wedding gift, gift the bride and groom with a voucher or money.

4.       Purchase travel size toiletries or bottles to transfer your hair products and skin care into.

5.       Don’t forget your passport, tickets and any other essential travel documents.

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