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Over Thirty and fabulous

Being invited to a black tie or formal event is not something that should fill you with panic and dread, especially in your 30’s, 40’s and beyond.

While many formal dresses are designed for those in their teens and twenties, there are still many beautiful designs and styles to suit a mature woman.

The most important rule, for any woman not matter what her age, is to dress appropriate for the event.

If you keep it simple, refined and elegant, you will look and feel beautiful.

Here are our favourite designs for your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond:

Crystal Amythist 1red-lace-dress11.     In your 30’s…

Choose a dress with beautiful detailing or embellishment, such as the lace detailing on our Kiara Dress or sequin bodice on our Crystal Amethyst dress. Both offer a comfortable amount of coverage, while still looking young, on trend and classy.

2.     In your 40’s…

Show off your best asset. Perhaps it’s your legs, waist or arms. By your 40’s you should be aware of what you feel comfortable in and what suits your body shape. If you need help, check out our blog, dressing for your body shape.

Blue-satin-dress1peach-dress1Our Sophia Cobalt dress and our Rose Garden Watermelon Dress, are exceptionally flattering for most body shapes. A conservative knee length skirt is both classic and elegant. Both designs enhance your body shape with a beautiful neckline.

3.     In your 50’s and beyond…

purple-dress1No matter what your age, every woman wants to feel like a princess or queen for just one night. Look for a dress which makes you feel beautiful, comfortable and regal. Our Alicia Iris dress will make you feel like a queen, with its chiffon overlay, embellishment and flowing skirt.It has been our most popular dress with women searching for formal wedding guest garments, and also Mother of the Bride/Groom dresses. While looking stylish, it is also understated and unlikely to overshadow the bride.

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