Jun 17

How to wear a printed dress

Every woman should own at least one printed dress. Whether you choose a floral, geometric, lace or animal print, it will make a beautiful and bold statement at your next event.

Prints and patterns have a long history in fashion. Printed dresses began making a statement during the ‘Romantic Era’ in the 1820’s, when the advancement of textile colouration became available. To this day, we see all the great fashion houses creating new interpretations on classic patterns and prints.

Prints can be bold, romantic, quirky and fun. A print is a very versatile fashion choice, as they are trans-seasonal and can also be worn from the office, to a function or dinner.

Sage Cobalt DressBut care needs to be taken when choosing and styling a printed dress, here are some helpful tips on how to choose and wear a printed dress:

1. Choose a print which is in proportion to your body shape. The smaller you are, the smaller the print should be. For example, when choosing a floral print, the general rule to apply, is to choose a print no larger than your hand span, 3-5cm. Our Sage Cobalt Dress is a perfect example of choosing the right size pattern to create a romantic and feminine look.

2. ChooseGreen Technoprint Dress a print that flatters your shape and makes you feel good. Geometrical prints can have a narrowing effect on the waist, if positioned correctly. Some prints can also have an overall elongating effect, like our Green Technoprint Dress with black satin trim, perfect for a special occasion.

Silver Seaweed3. Select neutral coloured accessories and endeavour to pick out a colour from the print, to match them too. This includes your shoes, bag, coat and jewellery.

4. Prints work best when they are more form fitting, a dress like our Silver Seaweed creates a beautiful, feminine silhouette and can be paired perfectly with black and silver.

5. If you are looking for a more formal or elegant look, choose a more traditional print like floral or lace and enhance stylish accessories.

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