Jul 13

How to enhance your dress

Accessorising is a form of art. If done well you can enhance any dress and create a stunning outfit. When you have chosen your dress and you begin to think about accessories, always show restraint especially for a formal occasion. Think about the overall look you want to achieve, is it appropriate for the type of event?

Here are 5 tips to enhance your dress:

Aqua-dress11. Colour. Choose just one colour, which can either feature in the pattern of your dress or it can complement the colour of your dress. Add this colour into your jewellery, bag and/or shoes to create a ‘theme’ to your outfit. Accessorising our Aqua dress with diamonds and emeralds allows the aqua colour to really stand out.

white-dress-long12. Jewellery. Choose classic pieces to enhance a formal dress. Pearls and diamonds create a classic, elegant and sophisticated look for any black tie or wedding event. To stay on-trend add a statement necklace, they work best with a v-neckline or thin straps and against a block colour. See how we accessorise our White dress with statement jewellery to enhance the embellishment on the dress.

3. Evening Wrap. Keep warm and enhance your dress by adding an evening wrap or shawl. There are so many beautiful materials to choose from, with the most classics being chiffon or faux fur. For a real on-trend statement try a shawl in gold or silver.

4. Mani/Pedi. Don’t forget you can enhance any dress with a beautiful nail colour. A beautiful French polish on your fingers and toes is perfect for a formal event. For a beach wedding or day at the races, why not try a pop of colour to compliment your dress.

peach-dress25. Makeup. When creating the overall look of your outfit, it is important to think about your makeup. Go for either dramatic eyes or lips. Which works better to enhance your features and your dress? If you’re going for dramatic lips, don’t worry about trying to match a lipstick colour to your dress, this can look too overwhelming; choose a complimentary shade to the dress. A pink lip and earrings match beautifully with our Coral dress, for a casual wedding or day at the races.

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