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The guest’s guide of what to wear to a wedding

The wedding invitation is pinned to the fridge and you can feel the excitement building.  There’s just one problem – what are you meant to wear?

When it comes to choosing the right outfit to wear to a wedding there are a number of questions you should ask. For example, are you attending a day or evening wedding? Is the bride going all out traditional or opting for a more casual beach or garden party wedding?

What about the venue? Is it more upmarket and do they have a dress code on their website? To help you further we’ve put together the guest’s guide of what to wear to a wedding to ensure you don’t experience any last minute wardrobe regrets.

Mozelle HanniWhat to wear to a traditional wedding

A traditional wedding is formal. A long formal dress with black tie attire for your partner is appropriate for this occasion. You can expect a more elegant affair, which may begin with an afternoon church wedding and end at a sit down formal evening reception.

Go all out and spoil yourself, but be careful not to out shine the bridal couple. If you have chosen a block colour dress with a simple design you can dress it up with statement jewellery, shoes and a clutch.  If your dress is more vibrant, patterned or more intricate in design, opt for more simple accessories to keep your dress the focus.

What to wear to a beach weddingteal-dress1

An elegant lightweight outfit, like a shorter cocktail dress or elegant sundress will be your best option for a beach wedding. Keep in mind that some beach weddings can be quite dressy, so it is safer to opt for a more elegant design.

Be mindful that standing on the sand in the heat with a long lined formal outfit and high shoes will be uncomfortable. If you are going to wear a long dress, opt for a hemline on or above your ankles to avoid stepping on your dress or tripping.

A beach wedding really is the perfect opportunity to accessorise. Add a gorgeous wide brimmed hat, statement jewellery and elegant ballet flats to show your own unique style.

India Gown

India Gown

What to wear to a contemporary wedding

A contemporary wedding is often more classified as a Semi-Formal, After Five affair, making a formal dress or cocktail dress with a shorter hemline ideal.   A block colour dress with bolder accessories tends to be favoured on these occasions.

Again though, make sure you don’t detract from the bridal couple and where possible try to find out the colour of the bridesmaid dresses in order to avoid looking the same. Also keep in mind that you will most likely be in air conditioning, so finding a light jacket or shawl that would complement your outfit will be a wise idea.

If you are still unsure on what to wear, ask the bride. You will at the very least bring a smile to her face that you want to make sure her day is special.

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