Apr 28

Five tricks to create more space in your wardrobe

No matter what size your wardrobe is, we are always capable of filling it, or even overfilling into other closets. Extra storage is a luxury these days, with many people living in apartments, so making the most of your space is a must.

A good clean out of your wardrobe, could see you rediscovering favourite items you had forgotten about, but more likely, finding items you should never have purchased.

With the change of season here, it’s a great time to organise your wardrobe and create more space.

Here are our 5 top tricks to create more space in your wardrobe.

1.     Clear it out. The key way to create more space is to de-clutter. Give yourself a weekend to clean out your wardrobe and sort your clothes. If you haven’t worn an item in over 18 months, you’re most likely not going to wear it again. There are some great options available for getting rid of unwanted clothes; sell them in an online garage sale, donate them to charity or arrange a swap party with friends.

Image Credit: Idea Bottle

Image Credit: Idea Bottle

2.    Cascade your coat hangers. This is where a coat hanger hangs off another coat hanger, effectively giving you twice the  hanging space without crumpling your clothes. You can create a DIY version by using a soda can ring to double up your hangers. Alternatively you can purchase cascade hooks, or coat hangers from a variety of stores. This is a great way to store your dresses, although we do recommend evening dresses are stored in a garment bag before hanging.

3.    Use the back of your door. Unless you have sliding doors, the back of your wardrobe door is a great place to store accessories. Not only does this area give you added space but you can display your belts, scarves, ties and even necklaces, which gives you easy access, especially for those items you wear regularly. No more digging through a box or draw for that scarf.

4.    Utilize the floor. Floor space in a wardrobe is perfect for adding low lying storage boxes or cubbies. If you have the space to go vertical, you can stack on top of each other, for extra space. Shoes are a great item to store in cubbies; it keeps them neat, but on display for easy access.

5.    Space Bags. The name says it all! Space Bags are a faultless way for storing clothes, which you do not need for the season. They are easily stacked and can be stored at the top of your wardrobe, or even store them under your bed. This is especially great for removing bulky items like coats and jackets in summer.

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