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Five tips for choosing your formal dress

Your formal is one of the most exciting highlights of your school year. It’s highly anticipated and discussions of your dress and accessories can dominate your thoughts and conversations particularly as the date draws near.

To ensure your formal is everything you want it to be and you look ever so stunning, here are five tips to help you choose the perfect formal dress.

1. Shop early

Shopping early has many advantages when it comes to buying your formal dress. The main advantage is you will have more options when it comes to styles and colours to choose from. There is nothing worse than leaving it until the last minute and having to choose from limited dresses and sizes.

If you do buy your dress early in the year, remember to try it on again a few weeks out in case any adjustments need to be made to make it more comfortable for you.

2. Choose a dress that suits the occasion or theme brown-maxi-dress1

Keep in mind both the venue and your school’s policy on length, splits and open midriffs. Generally speaking glamorous, classic or vintage style dresses are ideal for your school formal. Also talk to your friends to get an indication of the style and dress others will be wearing.

As much as you want to catch everyone’s eye you want to do it the right way and also feel comfortable, particularly at the after party.

3. Choose a style that is flattering to your body type

With many different body types it’s important to get a dress that will flatter your shape.  Your bust, waist, hip size and even height can determine what style will look best on you. Likewise your complexion can also impact what colour you choose so be sure to try on a few dresses in different styles and colour before you buy your dress, you might just be surprised with what you find looks great on you!

4. Find out how many dresses of that same style are available

There is nothing worse than finding the perfect dress and someone else is wearing it!  To avoid this, or at least limit your chances of this happening, find a dress that has a limited number of reproductions or purchase a dress at a boutique or online store instead of mainstream dress shops.

Again, you may want to talk to your friends and other girls in your grade about what they are wearing to ensure you will stand out from the crowd.

Aqua-dress15. Find a dress you can wear again

A formal dress is what you call a wardrobe investment piece; it is one of the more expensive items you will buy so you want to be sure you could wear it again.

Some questions you may like to ask yourself are “Can the length be altered later for another event?” “Is the style, colour, pattern or texture likely to date?“ and “Can I change the look easily through changing my accessories?”

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