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Eight elements to consider when choosing a beach wedding outfit

With the fresh salty sea breeze drifting through the air, the warmth of the sun radiating on your face, the endless reflections in the water and the sound of the waves gently crashing on the shore, beach weddings certainly make for a romantic occasion.

But as beautiful as they are, you do need to consider what you wear a little more carefully. To ensure you, the breathtaking bride, beautiful bridesmaid or stylish wedding guest, are looking and feeling your best, here are eight elements to consider when selecting your outfit for a beach wedding.

Dress styleteal-dress1

Beach weddings tend to be a more ‘relaxed’ style of wedding, so for a beach wedding feel look for dresses that flow over your bodylines giving a soft and smooth silhouette.


Ensure your fabric is light and breathable. Most beach weddings take place in a warm climate where the weather can get very hot, so you don’t want to find yourself overheating.

Chiffon is a very lightweight and flowing material, which means it won’t cling to your body. Another similar fabric is georgette, which is only slightly heavier than chiffon and slightly less sheer. Other fabrics you may also like to consider are Voile, Cady, Satin, Charmeuse or Peau De Soie (known as Duchess Satin).

To lace or not to lace

Lace is a beautiful lightweight fabric that is enhancing to any design. When selecting lace though it is important to be mindful that there isn’t an excessive amount at the base of your dress as it can act like a net collecting sticks and beach debris.


The length of your dress should be just on the top of your foot or shorter. This will prevent your dress from being damaged by water or sand. It also reduces the risk of looking dirty in wedding photos.


What you are wearing underneath your dress is just as important as the dress itself. You want to make sure your undergarments are breathable particularly if you’re wearing assistant gear to hold in a little bit here or there. Undergarments can be great heat generators and cause your dress to cling or ride up if static builds up.


If you are the beautiful bride and your dream is to wear a veil, consider wearing a shorter veil to avoid being caught in a strong breeze or becoming a beach debris collector. You don’t want to be dragged away, covered or caught up by your veil, particularly for photos so the shorter, the better.


A beach wedding is a great opportunity to choose a gorgeous hat to accompany your outfit, but be kind and make sure you’re not upstaging the bride. Also, be cautious that it won’t get blown away easily if the wind picks up.


As tempting as it can be to go bare feet on the sand, you can run the risk of sinking. To avoid this, consider wearing a nice pair of ballet flats, sandals or dressy thongs (if the occasion allows).

What are your fashion tips for attending beach wedding?

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