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A Day in the Vineyards? What to Wear to Specified Outings

When it comes to fashion, practice makes perfect. Sometimes picking out the right outfit can be a stressful affair. Choosing what to wear everyday can sometimes lead to fashion fatigue. The more time you can spend on planning your outfits, the easier it will become to plan them quickly.

To help you decide on the right attire to wear to a specified occasion, first think of the correct colour scheme. For example, if you are dressing for an occasion in Spring, try pairing two different pastel shades. Remember, these base colours are only a starting point. Don’t restrict your entire look on only two colours.

Our Coral Dress is perfect for any Spring event. It comprises a feature applique at the neckline, is sleeveless, knee-length and constructed from pure silk. It is sure to be a winner at any beach/resort or special occasion.

Winter colours are typically white, black, navy blue, and red. Steer away from beige, orange and gold. Choose from our stylish range of Rose Garden Black, Rose Garden Red, Sophia Black or Sophia Cobalt to complete your stylish winter look.


On most occasions, ample time is given to you to decide on what you’re going to wear to the specified event. Plan your outfit the night before. It can often be a struggle to decide what to wear on the day of. Be sure to check the weather conditions for your outing too. There’s nothing worse than choosing the right outfit for the wrong condition.

Many times the weather will be dependent on the clothes you choose to wear. If you are to attend an outing in humid conditions choose an outfit that will fall away from your body, and that will touch your skin as little as possible. Opt for a long flowing dress instead of tight jeans. Avoid synthetic fabrics at all costs.

If your outing sees you heading out in colder conditions, dress in heavy layers. Cover all exposed skin with warm fabrics like wool, cashmere, fleece and flannel. Consider bringing a second, fetching pair of shoes to get changed into, if the event permits. If your tights aren’t warm enough, double up. If your light cardigan isn’t enough, bring along a fleece for when the sun goes down.

Tip: Changing a style may be as subtle as substituting different shoes or accessories.

In the event it is possible there could be a fluctuation in temperature wear extra layers and bring extra items. A pair of socks, some gloves and a beanie could be all that stands between grief and comfort.

Still worried about hitting the mark? Stash some dazzling earrings and a pretty scarf in your bag to dress up any outfit!

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