Dec 04

How to co-ordinate your formal dress with a suit

Party season is about to kick off. There are school formals, weddings, Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

For those of you who will be attending a special occasion with a date, or your wedding is coming up and you want to pull off a striking couple effect, we have some tricks to make it happen!

1. Black and White is always right. If you want to play it safe, while still looking remarkable, a tuxedo will match any formal dress. A black and white tuxedo or suit combination will compliment many formal dress colours and will especially look alluring next to a white wedding dress.

2. Colour. Matching a formal dress colour and suit tie exactly is so 1990. These days you can still look individual but striking together. Choose colours which compliment yourselves and each other’s outfit. An aqua formal dress and a red tie are going to clash but a cream or navy tie will balance the aqua dress and show sophistication.

3. Work with a particular style. A striking couple effect can be achieved if your style matches. The Beckhams are masters of creating a “power couple” effect. Take a look through some magazines, Pinterest or blogs for inspiration. Then take these images when you go out to purchase or hire your outfit.

4. Play with accessories and indulge in subtle similarities. Are there cufflinks or a tie clip to match your jewellery? Perhaps the suits pocket square has a pattern or colour to match your clutch. These subtle similarities will draw the outfits together but won’t be obvious to the naked eye.

For further inspiration, take a look through our extensive formal and wedding dress catalogue here.

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