Jan 16

After the event – what to do with old bridesmaid and formal dresses

You searched for the perfect formal dress for weeks, or perhaps a bride-to-be dragged you around the shops for months in search of her bridesmaid dresses. Once you found it, it was the most exciting moment, and you looked spectacular, but now the event has passed and you have a beautiful dress just sitting in your wardrobe.

We are lucky enough to be living in an era, where formal dresses are holding their appeal for a lot longer. Gone are the 80’s and 90’s, where women would wear ghastly satin and tulle puffy dresses. These days bridesmaids and formal dresses can be worn on many different occasions, like formals, cocktail events, or the races.

Here are some options for “After the Event”…

1.     Store your dress correctly and save it for another formal event. You just never know when the next invitation is going to arrive and your dress may be just perfect for it. You can change up the style with different accessorises, hair and makeup.

2.     You could also store it for future generations, your beautiful bridesmaid dress may just be the next ‘vintage must have’!

3.     Refashion your dress. There are so many creative people out there, just jump onto Pinterest and you can spend hours checking out how people have refashioned their old bridesmaid, wedding and formal dresses into amazing new skirts, tops, even dolls clothes for their children. If you refashion an old formal dress, share it on our Facebook page!

4.     One woman’s used dress is another woman’s new dress. If you really feel like you won’t wear your dress again, you can sell your dress on sites like ebay, gumtree or facebook groups. Alternatively, you may wish to donate your dress, so it can be used by underprivileged woman, or schools girls, who are attending formals. Speak with your local high school or charity organisation for more information.

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