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Accessorising your formal outfit with sunglasses

There is one accessory which is often overlooked when it comes to a daylight formal event – sunglasses.

Most people either love or loathe sunglasses at a formal event, and we can understand why.

They can dramatically change the feel of the event. Daylight formal events often have a more casual feel anyway, but this doesn’t mean jeans! For example, if you are attending a garden wedding you could opt for a cocktail look.

However, the Bride and Groom probably wouldn’t want their guests’ faces covered in large black sunglasses in all their photos, but the guests would like to be able to see the wedding in the sunshine, without having to worry about glare.

So let’s take a look at when it’s ok to wear sunglasses to a formal event, and how to successfully accessorise them to your outfit?

1.     It is not ok to wear sunglasses to a black-tie affair or very formal wedding. We are yet to find a pair of sunglasses that go with a floor length formal gown or tuxedo. If you receive an invitation to a wedding and the dress code is White Tie, Black Tie or Morning Suit, leave your sunglasses at home or in the car.

2.     You can think about accessorising your formal outfit with sunglasses if the event dress code is cocktail, smart casual or informal. Sunglasses are usually an acceptable accessory at other events like the races, charity and formal luncheons, engagement or birthday parties.

3.     If you feel sunglasses will be acceptable at the formal event you are attending, make a conscious effort to only wear them when needed. If you are being photographed its good etiquette to take them off for the photo, especially if you are part of the bridal party.

4.     There are a few key factors to choosing the right pair of sunglasses to compliment your outfit:

a)     Choose a colour which compliments your dress or suit. Black will look amazing with dark colours but if you are wearing pastel it is going to clash, try a brown, gold or silver frame.

b)    Simple styles with fine lines look more formal and will compliment more outfits, than a chunky frame.

c)     Style your hair and makeup with your sunglasses in mind. A heavy smoky eye might run and rub behind your sunglasses. Choosing to wear your hair up or down, may affect the way the sunglasses suit your outfit, so try a few combinations.

d)    Don’t wear sunglasses with a mirror or multi-coloured glass, they will instantly make you look more casual and should be left for the beach.

With so many styles to choose from, you could find the perfect sunglasses within your budget to suit your formal outfit, but if in doubt, they are not a necessity so leave them off.

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