Apr 21

The perfect formal dress for curvy hips

The majority of women have something about their bodies they’d like to change. Curvy, or wide hips, is one of the most common areas women complain about.

I understand, most clothes (especially high fashion), are designed for women with little to no hips, and when you have womanly curves, trying on dresses can quickly become distressing and depressing.

That said, in the past year it has been refreshing to see many celebrities embracing their curvy hips and flaunting their womanly bodies.

So if you have curvy or wide hips, there are two choices, flatter it or flaunt it!

Let’s look at some great tips for both.

Flatter it by wearing an embellished top with a plain skirt. This will draw people’s attention up and away from your mid-section. A halter neck or strapless top will also work at drawing attention to your top half.

Our Hanni Holly Red Dress and Hanni Diva Pewter Dress are both perfect examples of how to take attention away from the hips.


Flaunt it by accentuating your hips with a tighter fit or embellishment. Feel confident in embracing your curves in a beautiful dress like our Hanni Juliette Dress in black. This sophisticated design looks beautiful at a formal wedding or black tie affair.

black juliette

Flatter it by wearing a dress that fits tightly over the bust and torso, but has a flared skirt. A flowing skirt, in soft materials like chiffon, will compliment your bottom half. A perfect choice is our Hanni Mozelle Tiffany dress or our Hanni Alicia Iris Both dresses have amazing fall and movement, to deliver a flattering look.

Aqua-dress1   purple-dress1

Flaunt it by wearing a pattern or horizontal lines. Horizontal lines make the eyes move from side to side, thus giving the illusion of a wider body. The wider the line the more the eye’s slow down. A medium sized pattern or line will give the best results when you are flaunting your curves. Try our Zebra Long Dress with a high neckline and medium pattern for a beautiful formal look.

zebra long

For more great designs and styles for curvy hips, visit our online boutique.