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Six fashion rules you should be breaking

Fashion is a serious business. But as serious as it is, some of the hard and fast rules of years gone by are starting to be bent and broken, allowing each of us as individuals to find our own unique style.

But how do you know which rules to bend, break and keep? We’ve got the scope, here are six fashion rules you should be breaking or bending that will ensure you look your best while making your own fashion statement.

Rule #1 – Don’t mix prints and patterns

This is the first rule you need to cross off your list right now! You can absolutely mix prints and patterns, particularly if you are wearing colours in similar shades or hues. Still put some thought into the combination though as they need to have something in common to not look too busy.

Not sure where to start? We’ve put together some tips for mixing patterns and prints to make it easy for you. If you are just starting to break this rule and want to tone it down a little, stick to neutral or pastel colours before you graduate to bold colours and patterns.


Blue and green are a great colour combination

Rule #2 – Certain colours should never be combined

Ever heard of the fashion rule “blue and green must never been seen”? Well it’s time to break this one. Blue and green are a great colour combination; you only need to take a look at our Seafoam dress to see!

Black, brown and navy were also a fashion faux pas yet are quite acceptable now – and a great look particularly if you are using one through accessories. Be adventurous in your colour choices, spice up your wardrobe and see what works best for you.

Rule #3 -Your shoes need to match your belt or handbag

No they don’t! As long as they go with what you are wearing that is all that really matters – and sometimes they don’t even need to do that. Our only suggestion would be to pick where you want to make the biggest statement, and where you want the eye to focus.

Dare to be creative. If the shade doesn’t match it doesn’t matter it’s the overall look that counts, in fact using the same colour in a different shades can add more depth to your outfit. Try different textures and colours to see what look feels right to you.

Rule #4 – Sequins only for evenings

You can wear sequins, glitter and sparkle during the day too, the trick is to keep it simple and not over the top. If you are going to wear sequins or a shimmering fabric team it with denim or neutral colours and keep your jewellery simple.

Rule #5 – Less is more with jewellery

This is a rule you can bend. If your outfit is already busy or if you are going to work or a more conservative affair than yes less can be more. But for all other times you can feel free to make a bold statement with your jewellery.

Adding jewellery is a quick and easy way to make a plain colour and simple design more eye catching and give your casual jeans and t-shirt look a little more class. If you are going to wear more jewellery pick the piece of jewellery you most want to draw attention to. Is it your large earrings, a statement necklace, an armful or bangles or a cocktail ring or two?


Black and red are becoming acceptable to wear to a wedding


Rule #6 – You can’t wear red or black to a wedding

With most weddings moving away from these traditional rules, and bridesmaid dresses coming in all different colours, black and red are becoming acceptable to wear to a wedding (just keep the bride in mind).

Even still, it is a good idea to tone down these solid bold colours with a pattern or print like our Crimson Paisley dress, or add a coloured or neutral jacket (depending on the colour you choose) or different coloured accessories.

With so many bridesmaids being dressed in red and black, you may want to ask what colour the bridesmaids will be wearing to avoid coming in the same colour.

What fashion rules do you break?

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