Oct 28

Seven tips to create a unique look with the same dress

Party season is upon us, but that doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy a new dress for every event you are going to. In fact a couple of strategic dress purchases can last you the entire season – if you know how to change your look.

To help you get more bang for your party dress buck, here are seven tips to create a unique look with the same dress.

1. Pick your dress wisely Mermaid

When picking a dress to wear multiple times you need to think about the events you will be attending and how you will be able to make it look different. While you want a dress that is flattering to your body shape, you also want to choose a print, pattern and colour that can be easily interchangeable with accessories you already have and with key pieces you want to buy.

With this in mind a plainer dress in a block colour can often be the best option for multiple wears as it can easily be changed and disguised with different accessories.

2. Start plain

When you wear your dress for the first time, keep it simple, wearing the dress on its own if possible or with understated accessories. The plainer you can go to the first event, the more options you will have in the coming months.

3. Brighten or distract with shoes

From bright colours and patterns to high heels and dressy ballet flats, your shoes give you the perfect opportunity to bring more impact to an outfit and change the look of your dress. Distract with patterns that complement your outfit, add bright colours or dress your outfit up or down with the type of shoe you choose.

4. Make use of jackets and cardigans

A tailored business jacket, trench coat, leather jacket, cardigan or evening jacket like our bronze silk sequined jacket can completely transform your outfit, with the added benefit of making it more versatile for different events.

From your friend’s beach wedding to your work Christmas party, a jacket can make the right dress ready for any occasion.

5. Add a scarf or wrap

Scarfs and wraps, like shoes, are another way to differentiate and add colour, not to mention warmth on those cooler evenings. Even the one scarf in a different style can add a different look to your outfit.

6. Jewellery

Adding jewellery is another great way to put a unique stamp on your outfit every time you wear it. The simpler your outfit the more daring you can be with your jewellery wearing long necklaces and earrings, chunky bracelets and cocktail rings. If you are already using other accessories as the key feature of your outfit simple, elegant, understated classic jewellery is ideal.

7. Accessorise

While shoes, scarfs, wraps and jewellery are certainly the start of accessorising your outfit also remember that you can change your look through hats, belts, tights and handbags.

Do you wear the same outfit multiple times? What are your style secrets?

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