May 29

Five Reasons Why You Need to Dress Up More Often

Image of silk resort style dress from exclusive designer range by Stokes Thompson

Look and feel more confident…
Dressing a little bolder and
smarter than ‘normal’ will help you
project confidence and may
make you feel more able to
“take on the world”!

When you think about it, most of our life tends to be lived wearing the same core clothes. While the colours, patterns and sizes may change, they tend to be the same wardrobe essentials. You become stuck in the same wardrobe routine day in, day out. But we are on a mission to change that.

Dressing up can give you a different take on life and open up opportunities, so with that in mind, here are five reasons you should consider ditching your every day wear and dressing up more often.

1. You make a good first impression
Whether we like it or not, most first impressions are made based on our appearance. How well you present yourself can greatly impact someone’s view of you.

For example, think about when you’ve you seen someone dressed elegantly and immaculately, you naturally think they are stylish, savvy, and even affluent. So why not create the same impression for yourself by pulling out that dress, top or jacket?

2. You look and feel confident
There is something about dressing up and looking good that gives us confidence. In fact, some outfits can make us feel like we can take on the world – right?

So, why not have that feeling more often? Think about when you have seen someone dressed a little bolder and smarter than the ‘norm’, chances are at some point you’ve admired their confidence and courage to do something different.

While your outfit can help give you confidence, the outfit you choose can also demonstrate your confidence to others.

3. Good clothes cost too much to stay in a cupboard!
Why should we wait for a special occasion to wear our favourite dress, skirt, top, pants or jacket? We spend so much money on nice things – from our clothes, to dinner sets and even linen; yet reserve them for only special occasions that can be few and far between.

So why not create your own special occasions? Make one day a month a day to dress up and use the good china and linen. Choose to attend more events or hold your own parties. Life is one big special occasion and we never know when it will be our time to leave, so live, and live well.


Hoping to get that corporate job?
Start dressing as though you already
have your dream job and the
lifestyle you want.

4. Dress for the life you want not just the one you have
You have big dreams and aspirations. You want a particular job, status, and lifestyle. So why not dress as though you have it now?

Opportunities naturally present themselves to those who are open to receiving them, those who are focused and ambitious, those who act, those who take pride in their appearance and those who visualise and act out their goals.

So start dressing as though you have your dream job and the lifestyle you want (within your means of course), and you may just find you attract more opportunities to help you achieve your goals.

5. Life’s too short to fit in
Why settle for average when you can be extraordinary? This is a great philosophy to live by – and dress by.

How often are we happy to stay within the lines and do what is ‘normal’. Why not live a little and turn heads while you do it?

Pull out that gorgeous party dress more often, wear that sparkling dinner jacket to dress up your casual or work wear, and put on those gorgeous shoes, jewels, hats and scarves that are tucked away in your wardrobe.

How are you going to start dressing up more?

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