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Evening styles to flatter your shape

While some fashion rules were made to be broken, others like dressing for your body shape to accentuate your best assets are wise to follow.

But how do you know which evening dress will accentuate your best assets, particularly when you buy online without trying them on first? We’ve got you covered with this quick and easy guide to making evening wear work for you.

Southern Aurora Dress

Southern Aurora Dress


Amplifying your bust

If you are looking to add more volume around the bust area look for dresses with ruffles and fine details like the Southern Aurora dress you see here. Sweetheart necklines, spaghetti straps and cap sleeves can also help to create an illusion of a bigger bust.

Drawing attention to your upper body

Black Opal

Black Opal

Halter-neck dresses and low-plunging necklines like the Black Opal dress (to the right) accentuate your upper body and draw attention to your chest and face.

Strapless dresses are also perfect for drawing attention away from your hips and towards your shoulders. For a winning combination to accentuate your upper body a strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline and a statement necklace or earrings.


Geometric Dress

Geometric Dress

Drawing attention to your lower body

A-line skirts are ideal for creating more volume on your lower body and cinching you in at the waist. Flowing dresses with layers of material teamed with a belt like the Geometric dress you see here can also add more volume to your lower half particularly when there is a heavy block colour at the bottom.

Also, never underestimate the power of a gorgeous pair of shoes to attract attention downward!

Creating curves

Lightning Ridge Dress

Lightning Ridge Dress

Peplum dresses and asymmetric dresses like the Lightning Ridge dress you see to the right can give the illusion of a curvaceous figure.

Accentuate this further by choosing a dress that brings attention to your waist through pattern or paneling, or by adding a wide belt in a contrasting colour.

If you are a rectangular shape and want more defined hips, try Blouson dresses that gather around the waist and upper hip.

Emerald Sands Dress

Emerald Sands Dress

Hiding your tummy

When it comes to hiding your tummy, look for soft draping fabrics and avoid clingy, stretchy fabrics. Don’t take that as an invitation to go to the other extreme though and get a dress with no shape.

A dress like the Emerald Sands one you see here is ideal as it is looser around the stomach, yet still defines the waist and has a plunging neckline, drawing the eyes upward.

Now remember this as intended to be a guide only. The next time you are out and about shopping try on a few different styles and see what works for you – you never know you might just be the exception to the rule!

Do you have any fashion tips for accentuating your best assets?

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