Aug 12

What’s your Style Personality?

There are dozens of personal styles. From the ‘girl-next-door’ to ‘sophisticated’ or even ‘artsy’ attire. Along with many professional and creative styles, which can stand-alone or blend with other styles to create your own unique look.

It’s important to recognise the positives and negatives of your chosen style, and what you want your impression to be from your appearance.

There are four main fashion personalities. Relaxed, Romantic, Classic and Expressive. Most women will possess elements of two or three of these personalities. Relaxed personalities love to wear cool cotton, neutral colours, drop waist dresses and maxi skirts.

Opal Dress is perfect for these personality types. It is versatile, comfortable and cool to wear. This, mostly cream, sleeveless three quarter dress travels and packs well.

Remember, wearing clothes that suit your personality will make sure you are always feeling confident and comfortable in how you look. Your personality is a strong indicator of what types of styles suit you best.

Romantic women tend to wear more frills, lace and ruffles. They gravitate to floral patterns and silks. If this is you, our Hibiscus Champaign is your dress. It is an easy to wear silk chiffon, knee length design, with full-length sleeves and a tie at the neckline. The fabric is designed in Australia and is ideal for evening resort, and special occasion wear.

Classic types prefer timeless pieces. They avoid trends and prints.

Rose Garden Black is perfectly suited to Classic type personalities. It consists of black lace and exhibits a feature neckline. This classic silhouette has been designed and made in Australia.

Expressive are those who love bold articles of clothing and take every chance they get to create unique masterpieces. They love patterns and bright colours, and are never afraid to stand out in a crowd.

Coral Dress is sure to please any Expressive personality. It is a sleeveless, knee-length pure silk dress with vibrant colours and applique feature neckline.

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