Jan 19

Wedding Gowns for Renewing your Vows

The most important thing to remember when considering renewing your vows is that vow renewal is NOT a second wedding, so save that wedding dress for the new bride and start to think along the lines of an evening dress or a fancy cocktail dress. Keeping in mind of your location and ceremony style.

Your wedding day should really be a once in a lifetime event, so don’t try to recreate it or the dress. Formality is foremost determined by the day and location, the style and length of the dress should reflect this.

Vow renewal is traditionally an intimate ceremony and is usually a less formal event than that of a wedding.

Don’t be shy to still wear white. It represents joy and is no longer linked to purity.

Alicia White Lace has been designed in Australia. It features lace sleeves and V-neck bust. It is knee length and would make a perfect choice for vowel renewal.

Gowns that feature a draped silhouette and that fit close to your body are ideal choices that are styled more like evening wear and bridal wear.

Holly White fits the criteria. This gorgeous silk georgette dress consists of hand beading over the bust as well as small pleating around the waist, giving this dress amazing fall and movement, therefore making it the ideal dress to celebrate your love for one another.

With colours making a splash with this season’s bride-to-be, our Diva Foam Short will keep you on trend. This dress has a small gathering around the waist and features a hand-beaded bust with fan cap sleeves. It comes in both floor length (Diva Foam) and knee length styles.


Vowel renewal is all about wearing something that you feel beautiful in. Hibiscus Champaign is a comfortable, silk chiffon, knee length, full sleeve dress. Perfect for an Autumn or Spring ceremony, and for those wanting to wear something a little different in regards to patterns and colour.

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