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How sleeves affect your silhouette

It’s amazing how the different elements of a gown work together to create an overall effect or silhouette.

Sleeve length, skirt length, cut, fabric, pattern, colour…they all play their part and they either work with your body shape or against it.

Most of us suffer from a few body hang up’s, with many women feeling self-conscious about showing off their arms. Let’s take a look at the different sleeve lengths and how it can transform how your silhouette appears.

Who would have thought sleeve length would play such an important role!

A sleeveless gown or dress creates the illusion of an unbroken line.With your arm visible from shoulder to wrist, a sleeve doesn’t portion off your arm. While you think showing off your arms is a bad thing, it can often look the most flattering, so next time why not give a sleeveless dress a try. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Our most popular sleeveless designs include our Mozelle Tiffany Dress, our Rose Garden Dress in Watermelon and our Kiara Red Dress.







The Short Sleeve is probably classified as the harshest length, as it bisects the upper arm and visually widens it. On the plus side, draws attention to the bust line, if you wish to show this off.

Our most popular short sleeve designs include our Jockey Dress in Black, the Eclipse Dress and our famous Monet Dress.








The Three Quarter Sleeve is said to be the most flattering, as it makes your legs look longer and your arms slimmer. It does draw attention directly to your mid-section, so if this is the area you wish to disguise, try a different sleeve length.

Our most popular three quarter sleeve designs include the sell-out Alicia Iris Gown and the Sophia Dress in Cobalt.







Long sleeves are a perfect solution for women who would like to distract from their arms. The long sleeve creates a long slim arm; however it does draw attention to the hips and makes legs look shorter. To counter act this, try a long sleeve with a short skirt, like our Hibiscus Dress available in Champagne or Iris.




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