Sep 23

Planning a Spring Wedding?

Spring is most often associated with bright, sunny days, blooming flowers and the chimes of wedding bells! When planning your wedding colours, think outside the box. Give those pastels a refreshing look by following the latest wedding essentials for colour trends. These include pairing pastels with contrasts. For example, sky blue marries well with brown, lavender with lime green and coral with latte.

Our Opal Dress is a perfect example of how well contrasting colours look together. Whether you are the Mother of the Bride, a close Relation or a respected guest, this dress is sure to make an impression at any Spring wedding.

Bold, bright and vibrant colours are also very much in season. Remember to only select one or two of these colours to carry throughout your wedding to create an elegant impression.

Coral is fast becoming a most popular colour choice for many Spring Wedding themes. The colour coral represents the sunset and the colour scheme Solstice, comprises of Coral, Custom Peach, Grecian, and Ice. The depth of colour in this colour scheme is simply stunning. Coral hues and starry-night blues sing relaxed evenings by the lake. Pairing bold tones with corresponding lighter shades creates an irresistible earthy palette that is perfect for outdoor, rustic weddings.

Coral Dress has been designed and made in Australia and especially suits the Solstice palette to a T. This sleeveless, knee-length pure silk dress features vibrant colours with an applique feature at the neckline. This soft, flowing, coral coloured dress incorporates an invisible zipper closing at the back which will have you looking sensational and thoroughly loving wearing this dress at your next Spring wedding.

Spring is, in no doubt, one of the most favorite times of the year. The flowers are blooming, the weather is warming and love is in the air. A perfect time to day “I do”. Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2016 was Rose Quartz and Serenity, and with most brides now incorporating such colours into their dresses, our Grace Antique Ivory would make any Spring bride look and feel beautiful. It embellishes a stunning feature waistband, which subtly incorporates hints of the quartz colour.

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