Jul 14

Keeping Warm in the Cooler Months without Losing your Style

At this time of the year, it’s important to wear the appropriate amount of layers in clothing, to help regulate heat. Thermals, socks, jackets and vests will assist to keep the heat in. Remember to wear scarves and layer your clothes to keep you warm. These will trap body heat. Always have a base layer. Then accessorize from there. Footwear is important too. Wearing footwear that keeps your feet warm will definitely help to keep the rest of your body warm too. For those chilly days and nights, wear a longer coat to repel the wind.

Gloves are a must. But don’t just buy the first pair of black leather gloves on sale. The fabric they are lined with play a critical part in whether you keep your hands toasty or have them turning blue. Swedish brand Hestra’s master glove cutter, Niklas Magnusson recommends you buy one pair lined in cashmere or wool for regular cold days and a second that are lined in fur or shearling for when the temperature drops to minus conditions.

When you want to stay warm, but feel there is no need for bulky overcoats, a beanie is the perfect accompaniment. Wear it slightly back on your head, so not to cover your face.

Over-the-knee socks will make any dress look utterly stylish during these cooler days. They are an adorable alternative to tights.

Don’t blend in with a boring black jacket. Why not stand out with an unexpected pop of colour. The colour of the moment is pink, so look at purchasing a stylish pink jacket to wear over your desired dress during this season.

Socks are a must have addition to any winter wardrobe. Some winter days are still warm enough to sport a bare leg. All that is needed here is your favourite pair of socks to be added for that extra warmth of comfort.

Don’t be afraid to wear that little lace dress. Worn under a turtleneck, this peek-a-boo style is sure to turn heads at your next winter date night. Our Rose Garden Black is perfect to achieve this look. Also available in Rose Garden Red.

This is the perfect time of year to wear those over-the-knee boots. Worn with a mini, they create the stylish effect of cosy chic.

Evening Sky Champagne and Evening Sky Black are the perfect style to wear with this style of winter footwear.

Remember, a thick sweater can sometimes be as cosy as a coat.

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