Nov 29

Handbags to suit every occasion. How to choose the right one?

With over 25 different types of handbags it’s no wonder you may need some tips on how to pick the right one for the right occasion. Handbags play a crucial part in creating your perfect statement style. There are two main categories of bags. Those for day and those for night, and there are four purse styles every woman should own!

1. Crossbody Bags. These are extremely popular and come in various styles and sizes. A medium size will allow you to carry all your essential items without weighing you down like larger bags tend to do. If you are just going to stick with one of this style, then 8″ x 10″ or slightly smaller is a perfect choice. Choose a neutral colour like brown, black or white.  These bags suit both day and night attire matched to a medium level of dressiness.

Alicia Platinum is a beautiful knee-length dress comprising a feature neckline and V-neck bust. It has silk sleeves and would most definitely suit a crossbody bag. It has been designed and made in Australia.

Alicia Sea Foam is a below the knee-length dress which is very versatile to many occasions. It consists of an aquamarine sequin contrast bodice and pockets at the waistline. It is made of Marrakesh Green Graduated pure silk. Also ideal for any crossover purse.


2. An oversized bag. Oversized bags are your go-to bag. They fit everything in them and are great for traveling, mums with kids or working women. These bags are an essential staple no matter what your life stage. These bags are to accompany casual wear. They are not an evening accessory. Oversized is casual. Small is dressy.

aliciaRose Garden is versatile enough to be worn with an oversized bag. This dress was designed as part of the Stokes Thompson’s Spring Summer Collection 2013. It is comfortable to wear, sleeveless and easy to maintain.

3. A Clutch. You will never need more than one or two of these in your cupboard, but they are a necessary item to own.  For dressy occasions, these are the only appropriate bag. Never wear formal wear with a bag slouched over your shoulder. Clutches come in many various sizes and shapes. Some will be as little to only carry your lip-gloss and keys, whilst others will be large enough to act as a regular purse. Size does not matter when it comes to a clutch.

Alicia Iris Long, Aurora Navy Long, and Juliette Black are but a few of our stunning formal gowns in our collection ideally suited to clutch purses.  They are perfect for bridesmaid, formal or ball dress.

4. A Tote Bag. This bag also fits into the casual range. They are perfect for carrying groceries, library books or a picnic lunch. They come with many various patterns and cute sayings. They are great to add a touch of uniqueness to your otherwise casual day.

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