May 03

The Green Dress – how to pull off wearing a green dress

Green is a colour which often gets overlooked, especially for a formal or cocktail event.

However, it is a luxurious colour which has a lot of things going for it:

  • It is a colour which works beautifully with most complexions
  • It transitions perfectly from a day to night event
  • There are many different shades of green to compliment different events
  • It is not a colour many people wear, which means you’ll be a stand out.

Let’s take a closer look at how to pull off wearing a green dress at your next formal event.

teal-dress-long1teal-dress11.     Choose a shade of green which compliments the style of event you are attending. Light shades of green, or teals, look amazing at a daytime wedding or garden event. Bright greens are perfect for a beachside event and emerald looks sophisticated at an evening or black tie function.

Our Hanni Diva Foam Dress is short or long and is an ideal choice for weddings and bridesmaids.

2.     Along with choosing a beautiful shade of green for your event, make sure you choose one which suits your skin tone. You want your green dress to make you look radiant, not sea sick. You can learn more about choosing for your skin tone in our blog “Why you should match your formal dress to your skin tone”.

2016-05-03_17-53-332016-05-03_17-54-313.     Accessorise your green dress with gold, beige or black. Gold and green together is a match made in heaven, for a classic or more formal style. We do love seeing it teamed up with beige or caramel, for a more casual event like the races. A green dress with black tights, heels and jacket ooze’s sophistication during winter.

4.     Green works in perfect harmony with blue, just look at our amazing sea foam fabric in our Hanni Rose Garden  and Hanni Alicia designs. If you don’t feel confident wearing green as a block colour, try wearing it in a pattern or floral design.

5.     No matter what colour you choose to wear, make sure the dress style is right for your body shape. There is nothing worse than attending an event and feeling uncomfortable in your dress; you won’t be able to enjoy yourself.2016-05-03_17-55-07

Our Hanni Alicia dress suits most body shapes, and is comfortable and elegant, making it ideal for many different formal occasions. Plus the pistachio colour is just beautiful!

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