Jan 21

2014 Fashion Trends You’ll be Seeing More of

Stand out from the crowd in sequins

Stand out from the crowd in sequins

A new year has come and brought with it an opportunity to update our wardrobe, try new trends, play with new colours and get a little bolder in our fashion choices.

But what colours, pieces and trends should you be embracing this year? What essentials should be in your wardrobe? Here’s a sneak peek into what we think will be the best fashion trends 2014 has to offer.

Pure elegance If we were to use one word to sum up 2014 fashion, it would be ‘elegant’. We are starting to see a real modern twist on older style glamour, with sequins for evening wear, fitted suits, pencil skirts, boxed jackets, tea length (between an mini and a maxi) skirts and dresses and crisp buttoned up shirts with colourful or textured collars and cuffs. Add a touch of elegance and glamour to your everyday wardrobe with some of these essentials.

A sprinkle of sand Somewhere between tan and beige is sand, a warm neutral colour that is fast becoming a fashion favourite. Why? Because it is the perfect neutral colour to let vibrant and fluoro colours burst to life. It can also add a touch of sophistication when you team it with brown and light blue, pink or purple.

Put your pedal to the metal It’s time to shine! Embellished design is in, though don’t just play it safe with touches of shimmer, stand out in the crowd by covering yourself with shiny metallic fabrics and glistening textures from top to toe. Think sequinned jackets and skirts, crystals and lots of bling.

Sheer and lace Embrace your feminine beauty with lace and sheer fabrics. Don’t think you have to be limited to black and white though, there are some gorgeous designs coming out in Crayola brights that will add a pop of colour to your wardrobe. The trick to wearing sheer fabrics and lace is elegance. You want a hint of sexiness without putting everything on show, so be choosey with designs and make sure you have adequate covering underneath.

Pretty pastels  Take a break from bright colours and shimmering fabrics with pretty pastels. From minty-green, lilac, baby blue and lemon, to pink, white, coral and peach there is literally a rainbow of soft pastel shades you can choose from. To prevent yourself from looking like fairy floss or your early childhood self, team pastels with a dark neutral colour like grey or choose a more mature structured outfit like a pencil skirt with a boxed or fitted jacket. Shades of grey Sleek and timeless, grey is making a comeback in a big way and is being hailed as the new neutral colour. Being elegant and soft, but also sophisticated and strong, means you’re not limited with the way you style it. Look ever the professional in a tailored grey suit or grey pleated or plaid skirt with a crisp white button up blouse, and when you hit the town, you can’t go wrong with a shimmering grey sequinned skirt or metallic dress.


Image sourced from www.justaddorchids.com

Look radiant in orchid With radiant orchid being named the Pantone colour of the year you can expect to see it in a big way. While you can be forgiven for thinking it’s the perfect shade for a bridesmaid dress, the soft fuchsia, purple, and pink undertones make it more versatile than you realise. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing purple from top to toe or even in a subtle orchid pattern or floral print, add a touch of radiant orchid into your wardrobe through your accessories.

Which trends are you trying this year?

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