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10 Slimming Style Tips for Low-Fat Dressing

A wide belt to tie in the waist, an interesting neckline, and the slimming effects of black on the side of this dress make the body appear smaller.

A wide belt to tie in the waist,
an interesting neckline,
and the slimming effects
of black on the side
of this dress make
the body appear smaller.

Whether you want to look and feel your best for a date, job interview, business meeting, party, wedding, family get-together or school reunion, or boost your confidence on those body-conscious days, here are 10 slimming style strategies for low-fat dressing.

1. Watch your proportions
The golden rule for low-fat dressing is to balance your proportions. When you wear more voluminous proportions you’ll naturally look more voluminous, so the key is to draw attention to your assets and balance out the areas you feel less confident about.

For instance, if you want to make your upper body look smaller, go for wide legged pants or an A-line skirt. If you want to broaden your upper half to offset a bigger lower half, add volume at your collar, like ruffles, lace, flutter sleeves, or a peter pan or boat collar.

2. Distract with details
Use patterns, colours, embellishments and details to distract the eyes away from other areas. A wide belt for instance, will tie in your waist and help you to appear smaller, an interesting neckline will draw the eye away from your hips and tummy, and a simple V-neck top will help you minimise the size of your bust.

3. Wear fitted clothes
I know wearing fitted clothes is the last thing you want to do when you are feeling body-conscious, but a body hidden under layers of loose fabric always looks bigger. Avoid loose, shapeless fabrics and designs and instead choose fitted clothes – that’s not to say skin tight fabrics, just clothes that have more shape to them.

 4. Match your separates
When you dress all in one colour, matching your jacket, shirt, pants or skirt, even stockings and shoes, you naturally look slimmer. This is even more effective when done with darker colours, particularly black. If wearing the one colour is a little boring for your taste, add some colour through vibrant accessories.

5. Invest in skin-tone heels
Besides looking elegant, skin-tone heels can give the illusion of longer legs, making them the perfect choice when wearing a knee-length or mid-thigh skirt. Keep in mind though this illusion only works on bare legs of the same tone.

6. Wear a long necklace
Not only will you be right on trend, a long, chunky statement necklace will help make your torso appear longer and leaner.

7. Choose straight-lined skirts
No skirt will slim you out like the straight lined, tailored cut of a pencil skirt. This slimming wardrobe staple makes all body shapes look sleek.

Stokes low fat pink dress Copy

The vertical lines of this gorgeous dress help to elongate the figure, whilst the bust detailing draws the eyes up and away from the hips

8. Go vertical
Choose outfits that have a deep V-neck, or vertical seams, stripes or piping. Vertical lines always help stretch you out, making you look taller and slimmer.

9. Go for hip-length jackets and cardigans
Waist length jackets and cardigans tend to shorten your body, where hip-length varieties make your torso look longer and slimmer. Tapered jackets will also always make your waist seem smaller.

10. Invest in shape wear
Good, suck-you-in lingerie can really take kilos off and smooth out lumps and bumps. Always wear them for a while before you go out though, to make sure you have the right sizing.  While you want the smoothing, slimming effect they give, you don’t want to feel like you are suffocating.

Do you have any slimming secrets to share?

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