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How to Accessorise Your Outfit: Six Simple Rules

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A daring purple handbag makes a bold statement against an all black ensemble
(Image sourced from http://articles.bagskart.com/)

Your outfit can go from simple to stunning just by choosing the right accessories. From scarves to shoes, bracelets to brooches, purses to pendant necklaces, a simple addition or burst of colour can make your outfit come to life.

So how do you choose the right accessories to make you look incredible every single day and night of the week? Here are six rules to follow to help you turn a simple outfit to a stunning ensemble through your accessories.

Rule #1 – If your outfit is simple be daring with your accessories
Good accessorising is all about balance. If your outfit is simple, like jeans and a tee or a block coloured dress, you can afford to be more daring and bold with your accessories. Depending on your outfit and the colour, you may want to try bright coloured heels or ballet flats, a vibrant scarf, layered bangles, bright bag or a long statement necklace.

Rule #2 – If your outfit is fitted go for big accessories, if fuller go for small
If you’re wearing an outfit that is fitted and sleek, you can afford to have chunkier accessories, think a large statement necklace or cocktail ring. If your outfit is fuller and more layered, simplicity with your accessories is key.

Rule #3 – If your outfit is plain add bursts of colour
If your outfit is black, white, grey or another neutral colour add a burst of colour through your accessories. It could be a bright handbag or pair of shoes, colourful or fluoro jewellery or a patterned scarf.

Rule #4 – Showcase your personality
One of the most important rules of accessorising is to showcase your own personality and choose pieces that you like, or that have special meaning to you, not just because they were on sale or they went with an outfit (though this does work too). They could be heirlooms, gifts, from different places you’ve visited or pieces you’ve fallen in love with.

Rule #5 – If you want to look taller and slimmer go for longer accessories
Long necklaces help to create long vertical lines which make you seem taller and slimmer. Experiment with long beaded necklaces or long chains that sit just below the bust, though limit it to one large chunky necklace at a time.

Long earrings add a little drama
and shine to your outfit.
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Larger and longer earrings can help to distract from problem areas by drawing attention to your face. They can also add a little drama and shine to your outfit.

Rule #6 – Don’t overdo it
When you have accessories you love, it can be tempting to incorporate all of them into the one outfit, but resist the urge. Your accessories should complement your outfit not take over it. Limit it to one or two pieces to make a statement without looking too busy.

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